Over the hill? aims to engage and inspire a wide audience – from older people themselves to the policy makers of the future

Recent research shows nearly 60% of over 55s find the idea of retiring to a rural area appealing. Around 1 in 3 is thinking of moving to the countryside. Peace and quiet is cited as the most important reason for wanting to move, but does the reality match the dream?

OVER THE HILL? is a national campaign to encourage people to be proactive about their rural retirement dream. Rather than waiting until they get to retirement age, we want to encourage people to lobby politicians, service providers and government so that their local rural services live up to expectations and provide them with real choices in retirement.

Produced by The Rural Media Company, all ‘Over the Hill?’ campaign resources are available on this website free of charge. Resources include: a short fiction film, a factsheet, 8 good practice case studies from around England, and a full report.

A DVD resource pack is also available to purchase. Priced at £15, the pack is available free of charge if used by professional audiences to share with their colleagues and/or associates. In addition to all campaign resources, the DVD includes ACRE’s Topic Sheet on Supporting Older People.

The campaign was launched at Borderlines Film Festival on 29th February 2012. Mavis Cheek, well-known novelist and commentator, and Aggie MacKenzie, journalist and TV presenter from Channel 4’s How Clean is your House, were among the speakers from across the country discussing the challenges of getting older in the countryside.

The short film stars Doreen Mantle (Mrs Warboys from TV’s One Foot in the Grave) as an elderly widow desperate to sell her isolated family home in the country to a city couple who are on the verge of retirement. They are about to discover that country life is not a bed of roses.

The campaign’s London launch took place on 16 May. Attendees included Richard Benyon MP, Minister for Natural Environment and Fisheries who described the campaign as ‘inspirational’. Funded by the Nationwide Foundation

Partnered with Age UK, ACRE and Premier PLI (Policy #439102.

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