This campaign isn't just about highlighting the problems of the ageing countryside. It's about finding and sharing good ideas and more sustainable solutions to enable older people to live well in rural areas.

Our research identified lots of examples of approaches that worked. In addition to our eight case studies highlighting good practice, we found many others that focused on different aspects of rural living, including extra care housing developments, fuel syndicates, intergenerational projects and various telecare and virtual healthcare schemes.

Our partners, ACRE (Action with Communities in Rural England), have developed a new 'Topic Sheet on Older People'. Part of a wider Community Led Planning 'Toolkit', the Topic Sheet provides information on how a community led plan can support and benefit older people.

We would welcome your examples of good practice in rural areas. If you know of any successful housing or finance initiatives that improve the lives of older people in rural areas, please share them here. Alternatively, why not visit our campaign blog:


Jan Bailey (Hereford, UK) says...
Visitors to this website may not be aware of the HAPPI initiative - Housing our Ageing Population: Panel for Innovation.

Although a few years' old now (published in 2009), the Homes and Communities Agency was commissioned by the CLG and Dept of Health to look into the future housing needs of Britain's ageing population.

Drawing on inspirational developments in the UK and overseas (particularly in Scandinavia and the Netherlands), the report spotlighted some fantastic housing schemes for older people.

Although not rural, they nevertheless provide inspiration for developers - and older people - everywhere.

See the website for further information:
16th March 2012 9:35am
Jan Bailey (Hereford, UK) says...
In the course of my research for Over the hill? I was particularly attracted to the Older Women's Co-housing group. Based in North London, the group aims to encourage co-operative living for older women, based on the knowledge that it is women who usually find themselves living alone in old age. Their website is Although very London-centric, it would be great if this kind of development could be sited in a rural area.
14th March 2012 2:07pm
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