We want to influence policy and decision making about rural ageing. The UK needs investment in more sustainable solutions to rural housing and financial independence for older people. Join the campaign by writing to your MP. Your letter should include your own message and could include some of the following points:
  • Within 20 years half the adult population in England will be aged 50 years and over, and will account for 40% of the total population.
  • Rural areas are ageing at a faster rate than urban areas, particularly for those aged 85 and over.
  • 57% of over 55's find the idea of rural retirement appealing and 29% are thinking of moving to the countryside in the future.
  • The cost of providing rural services and social care for the elderly is going to continue to increase dramatically unless something is done.
  • We know there are more sustainable and effective solutions out there. We want the government to recognise the importance of this issue and commit more resources to implementing better solutions.

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