Growing older in the English countryside

This Report was written by Nick Le Mesurier, specialist researcher on ageing. It focuses on eight innovative solutions to the problems faced by people who are growing older in the English countryside and forms part of the Rural Media Company’s Over the Hill? campaign. The campaign has been funded by The Nationwide Foundation until the end of 2012.

In the report, we have tried to focus on the practical aspects of working alongside older people in the countryside. Much of the report is devoted to a case by case description of the projects featured in the Films.

  • Dorset POPP (Partnership for Older People Programme)
  • Esk Moors Caring, Yorkshire
  • Waltham House, Derbyshire
  • Derbyshire Housing Options
  • Derbyshire Active Gyms, .uk
  • Lincolnshire CallConnect
  • Gloucestershire Village Agents
  • Wessex Home Improvement Loans
  • Norfolk Money Matters

We have tried to go into a little more depth and provide a more detailed description of the origins of the projects and the contexts and ways in which they work. We look at some of the policy issues that have contributed to the success of these projects, and at some of the key themes that link them. While each project is different and has grown to suit its own environment, there are lessons to learn that we hope will help other organisations and local groups to develop their own communities and translate their own local needs into actions and success for the welfare of all.

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